January 2017

January 2017

EC Bulletin

The WX5ELP SKYWARN net is now taking place on the first and third Wednesday evenings of each month on the Amigo Link frequencies. The net will continue to be run from the EPZ WFO in Santa Tressa, NM. The net will begin at 6:45 PM with the New Mexico counties that cannot reach the Amigo Link system repeaters. WX5ELP will contact them on their local repeaters and take check-ins and weather reports. At 7 PM WX5ELP will open a net on the Amigo Link system for all other counties. When checking into the net SKYWARN Spotters are ask to give temperature, sky conditions, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure and humidity for their location.

In November, the BBHN Group started experimenting with the possibility of using a 5 Giga hertz backbone to help alleviate the bandwidth issues that we have had in the communications center for the Susan G Koman Race for the Cure. Video was spotty at times and would drop out altogether. We had success with the possibility and will start working to take it to the next level in the coming months. We will break the race course down into sectors which will allow us to add more nodes if needed, and not be as much of a burden to the bandwidth problem. By going to sectors we will be able to use the Ubiquiti Nano Stations with their directive antenna patterns more easily. We can use the 2.4 Giga hertz nodes with cameras attached and present it on the screen at the communications center. If anyone would like to get involved in the BBHN and has a basic knowledge of IT, networking and computer skills send me an email shown below and we will get you going.

Questions and comments are welcome and encouraged. Send an email to the address shown below.

Lew Maxwell, KB5HPT
ARRL Emergency Coordinator-El Paso County
Assist. DEC Culberson and Hudspeth Counties
e-mail: kb5hpt@arrl.net