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SKYWARN Recognition Day 2020

From the ARRL......

SKYWARN Recognition Day 2020 - Making Adjustments for COVID-19

Since 1999, the annual SKYWARN™ Recognition Day celebrates the long relationship between the amateur community and the National Weather Service program. The purpose of the event is to recognize amateurs for the vital public service they perform during times of severe weather and to strengthen the bond between radio amateurs and their local National Weather Service office. The event is co-sponsored by the ARRL and the National Weather Service.

Normally each year, radio amateurs participate from home stations and from stations at National Weather Service (NWS) forecast offices with the goal of making contact with as many offices as possible. However, this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions, participation from NWS forecast offices will be minimal at best. The focus will shift to contacting as many SKYWARN trained spotters as possible during the event.

Radio amateurs who wish to participate may sign up for a SKYWARN Recognition Day number by completing the form found on the SRD 2020 website. During the event, operators are encouraged to exchange their name, QTH, SRD number, and current weather conditions with other participating stations. See the event website for the full operating guidelines.

SKYWARN Recognition Day 2020 will be held from 0000 UTC to 2400 UTC December 5.

Editors Note:

In a phone call with Jason Laney, Warning Coordinator Meteorologist at Santa Terresa, NM there is a virtual meeting being planned by the El Paso WFO for SKYWARN Recognition Day 2020.

More details to follow.