WTRA Monday night net

Monday Night Net

The WTRA conducts a Round Table and Swap Net every Monday evening at 8 PM (Mountain Time).

This net is run on the Amigo Link Repeater System.

This is an open wide area repeater system.

All licensed amateurs are welcome to check into the net, with or without comments.

The Amigo Link repeater system is comprised of the following El Paso area repeaters:

  • 146.700 (South Comanche Peak)

  • 147.240 (K5WPH Clubhouse, NE El Paso)

  • 147.280 (NW El Paso)

  • 145.290 (East El Paso)

  • 146.58 (simplex, NE El Paso)

  • 147.320 (NE El Paso)

  • 147.32 (Cornudas, TX)

  • 443.400 (K5WPH Clubhouse, NE El Paso)

  • 444.200 (South Comanche Peak)

  • 444.325 (Montana Vista, TX)

  • 145.230 (Benson Ridge, NM)

Full list of repeaters and PL Tones can be found on the Repeaters page and Repeater Map

Monday Night Script

WTRA Monday Nite Net Script 2021.doc


WTRA Net Control Stations 2021