January 2024

DEC Bulletin

I hope everyone reading this had Happy Holidays and I hope your 2024 New Year will be joyful and prosperous. I also hope Santa left the new radio or accessory under your Christmas tree.

If you are interested in becoming an ARES® member you may contact me at the email shown below.

1.        Will you register your qualifications and communications equipment for use in public service during a communications emergency?

2.        Can you work in a controlled environment?

3.        Do you have a desire to contribute to your community?


If you can answer “yes” to the above questions then you are encouraged check the https://www.hamradioelpaso.com/emergency-coordination website to find the certifications needed to become an ARES® member.


The WTX Section is introducing the Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System (NBEMS) as an alternative method of communication that can be used in place of the Winlink System. NBEMS can be used in the UHF/VHF bands as well as HF. It uses FLDIGI and its suite of programs to move digital messages around the county as well as out of the county.  Join us each Thursday evening at 6:30 pm (MST) for the Section Manager ZOOM meeting for a half-hour session. If you are not on the Section Managers mailing list let me know and I will send you the invitation.


The Winlink station at the American Red Cross (ARC) is on the air 24/7 in digipeat mode. Connect to the ARC station using 439.010 MHz. It is set to connect to the KB5HPT-10 VARA FM RMS. The Winlink Express and VARA FM programs must be used to generate email. If you cannot reach the RMS using a direct path, try to digipeat through the ARC station. Enter KB5HPT-5 in the first via box. If the recipient has a valid email address the email will be delivered to their inbox.


NOTE: The terms ARES® and Amateur Radio Emergency Service® is both registered trademarks of the American Radio Relay League, Inc. and are used by permission.

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Lew Maxwell, KB5HPT

Amateur Radio Emergency Service

DEC, District 6, WTX Section


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