About This Site

This web site is intended to provide a single source of information of all Ham Radio clubs, meetings, events, activities, training, and related information in the El Paso area.  This will provide amateur radio operators, and those interested in becoming amateur radio operators, a source of information on amateur radio activities, local club web sites, events, and other useful information.   It is intended to promote amateur radio in the El Paso area.   

Representatives from area Ham Radio clubs, groups, and organizations are welcome to contribute, and may also be granted access to to this site so that they can update their information directly.

Special thanks to the local hams who contributed information and suggestions to get this site going:  Larry WB8LBZ, Neil WA5JXY (now W7FED), Bill KD5XN, Clay K5TRW, Earl K5FTE (SK), Mike KB6JYF, Sean KD6CUB, and Lew KB5HPT.  And a special thanks to Lew KB5HPT for continually updating this site!

To submit club or event information to this site, or provide any other changes, corrections, updates, comments or feedback, please e-mail: hamradioelpaso@gmail.com

You can also phone in changes, corrections, additions, or updates to (915) 247-8426 (this is Google voice-mail only) 



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