Repeater Nets

Listing of nets in the El Paso and Southern New Mexico area, open to all hams.

Lincoln County ARES/RACES Net
 - Sunday evenings at 6 PM on the 146.92 repeater.

Gila Amateur Radio Society (Silver City, NM)
 - Sunday evenings at 8 PM on the 146.98 repeater (103.5 PL).

New Mexico Red Cross Net - Monday evenings at 7 PM on the Mega-Link (147.200+, 67 PL in El Paso).

D-Star Repeater Net
Monday evenings at 7:15 PM on the 146.620 D-STAR repeater, W5ELP (South Comanche Peak, El Paso).  Linked to Reflector 55A.  All with D-STAR capability are welcome to participate.

West Texas Repeater Association (WTRA) Round Table and Swapnet - Monday evenings at 8 PM - on the Amigo Link -  146.700, 147.240, 145.290, 147.280, 443.400,and  444.200 in El Paso, 444.325 in Montana Vista TX, 442.825 in Canutillo TX, and 145.230 at Benson Ridge NM.  All licensed amateurs are welcome to check into the net, with or without comments. 

220 Repeater Net - Tuesday evenings at 7 PM on the 224.82 MHz repeater (100 Hz PL) in El Paso.

Carlsbad Amateur Radio Club Net - Tuesday evenings at 6:30 PM on the 146.88 MHz (no PL) repeater.

Mesilla Valley Radio Club Net
- Wednesday evenings at 6:45 PM on the 146.64 MHz (PL is 100 Hz) repeater (Las Cruces). 

Alamogordo Amateur Radio Club Net
- Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM on the 146.800 MHz (PL is 100 Hz) repeater.

WX5ELP SKYWARN NetThe WX5ELP SKYWARN Net will be held on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.  The net will begin at 6:45 PM for Luna county, we will call for your reports on the 146.82 repeater, followed with Grant county on the 145.145 repeater, then Sierra County on 146.76 repeater, and then Dona Ana county on the 146.64 repeater after the MV Net has ended.  At 7 PM check-ins will be called for by county for those that can access the Amigo Link frequencies in your local areas.  After Dona Ana County has finished we will switch over to 7246.00 MHz (LSB) or 3.876(LSB) and call for Hudspeth County check-ins.

Thursday Night Multiplex Net
Thursday evenings at 8 PM.
  Sponsored by K5WPH.  The net meets on the Amigo Link repeater system:  146.700, 147.240, 145.290, 147.280, 443.400,and  444.200 in El Paso, 444.325 in Montana Vista TX, 442.825 in Canutillo TX, and 145.230 at Benson Ridge NM.

Deming Amateur Radio Club (DARC)
 -  Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM on 146.82 MHz (no PL).

New Mexico D-STAR Net - Thursday evenings at 8 PM on the 146.62 D-STAR (W5ELP), linked to Reflector 55A. 

  - Friday mornings at 9 AM on the Mega-Link.  The net is open to all Hams in the area, not just those in NM.

Sacramento Mountains Radio Club
 - Saturday evenings at 7 PM on the following repeaters:

    - James Ridge 147.340 (+0.600, PL 100 Hz) 
    - Alamo Peak 147.220 (+0.600, PL 151.4 Hz)
    - Weed 146.960 (-0.600, PL 100 Hz)
    - James Ridge Link 444.025 (+5.000, PL 100 Hz)  

New Mexico Baptist Emergency Net
 - Saturday evenings at 8 PM on the Mega-Link.