Special Events

January 19-25 - Quartzfest 2020 - https://quartzfest.org

Monday, January 20 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Wednesday, January 22 - The RS-MS1A Android App Net will be held on REF072D at 7:30 PM. Users with the ID-31A, ID-51A PLUS and 51A Plus2, ID-4100, ID-5100 and IC-7100 will need the OPC2350LU data cable. If the Bluetooth module is installed in the 4100 and 5100 then the cable is not needed. The RS-MS1l App for iOS users can also be used with the ID-4100 radio only. The ID-9700 users are also welcome to join in. We will be exchanging pictures, text messages, and positional information. The format for this net is much like a voice net in that check ins will be taken and then the NCS will direct when the stations will send their pictures. This coordination will be done by voice on REF072D because the ID-9700 users can not receive text messages.

Friday, January 24 - El Paso Amateur Radio Club (W5ES) Worked All El Paso (WAE) Banquet - 6 PM at the Golden Corral located near the intersection of the North-South Freeway (US 54 South) and Transmountain Road (Woodrow Bean) next to the Wal-Mart store in Northeast El Paso.

Saturday & Sunday, January 25-26 – Winter Field Day - https://www.winterfieldday.com

Friday, January 31 - Sun City Amateur Radio Club (K5WPH) “5th Friday” - 6 PM at the K5WPH Clubhouse, 3709 Wickham Ave., El Paso, Texas.

Saturday, February 22 – BroadBand HamNet (BBHN) in the Park – 1 PM in Hueco Tanks State Park in far east El Paso County.  BBHN nodes will be needed along with the telephones, cameras.  Also, bring your computers to run D-RATS. Everyone is welcome to come out and experience 13 cm communicating.