B-36 Special Event Station

Special Event Name: “Remembering the Crew of the B-36D that crashed in the El Paso, Texas Franklin Mountains on December 11, 1953”

The Sun City Amateur Radio Club (K5WPH) in El Paso, TX, is conducting a "B-36 Special Event" to remember the crew of the B-36D that crashed in the Franklin Mountains (El Paso, TX) on December 11, 1953.

Operation Time:  December 9, 2017, approximately 1500Z to 0100 Z (8 AM to - 6 PM Mountain Time)


Operation Frequencies: On or about 14.260, 7.260, 14.700 PSK, and Amigo Link for local contacts


QSL to the following with SASE for Special Event QSL card:


B-36D Special Event

Sun City Amateur Radio Club

3709 Wickham

El Paso, TX 79904


Short History: The plane departed Carswell Air Force Base at 1815 GMT enroute to Biggs Air Force Base in El Paso, TX, when it crashed into the Franklin Mountains at 2137 GMT.  All aboard were killed.  The site now lies within the boundaries of the Franklin Mountains State Park.


Crew Members:

            Lt. Col. Herman Gerick              Aircraft Commander

            Major George C. Morford          Pilot

            Major Douglas A. Miner            Navigator

            1st Lt. Gary B. Fent                    Flight Engineer

            M. Sgt. Royal Freeman              Radio Operator

            A/1c Edwin D. Howe                  Gunner

            A/2c Frank Silvestri                   Gunner

            1st Lt James M. Harvey              492nd Bomb Squadron Staff Flight Engineer

            1st Sgt. Dewey Taliaferro           Passenger


In 2013, the El Paso County Historical Commission, in cooperation with the El Paso Community Foundation and the Franklin Mountains State Park, dedicated a historical marker at the site on the 60th anniversary of the incident.  Families of some of the crew were present at the dedication.

Please see the following web page for additional information:





Last known photo of the B-36D before it crashed into the Franklin Mountains during a snowstorm on December 11, 1953